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Diagnoses are based on recognition of mycorrhizal structures by use of light microscopy.

1. Ectomycorrhiza – Oaks, birch, willows, poplars, conifers (except cedars)
Basic Colonization % (Mycorrhizal root tips vs. Non-mycorrhizal root tips)

Spore counts (Commercial Inocula)*
*Spore estimates are from 1 g of inoculum dissolved in 100 ml. of water then using a Neubauer chamber to estimate number of spores per ml.

Spore count by species is not provided. Only by Genera.

2. Endomycorrhiza

A) Arbuscular mycorrhizae (AM) –(Most crops and many shrubs and trees)
Colonization % (Presence of vesicles, arbuscules and/or hyphae vs. No-colonization) in at least 100 cm’s of root sample.

Spore counts (In Soil or Commercial Inocula)*
*Spore estimates are from 20 g of soil or inoculum sample.

B) Ericoid mycorrhizae (ERM)- Ericaceae

(Blueberries, Cranberries, Azaleas, Rhododendrons, and other ericaceae)
Colonization % (Presence of fungal coils vs. No-colonization) in at least 100 cm’s of root sample

1. Mycorrhizal Fungi
Mushroom and truffles
We specialized on the taxonomic identification of certain groups of mycorrhizal fungi. Identification is based on macroscopic and microscopic characteristics of their fruiting bodies.

2. Small Mammal mycophagy (fungus consumption)
We determine mycophagy based on fecal pellet analysis. This includes fungal genus identification base on spore morphology.

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